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Delicate handmade jewelry. Limited and one-of-a kind designs.


Fall For Samie is a free-spirited brand of delicate, high quality jewelry that's luxurious yet accessible for every day. Each piece is designed and handmade by Jen Chang, who carefully selects semi-precious and precious gemstones to turn them into unique, timeless and elegant jewelry for any occasion.

My Jewelry Beginnings

I've always had a passion for jewelry, especially after growing up watching my mother, who's a metalsmith and jewelry artist, make beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry art since I was little.  I would tag along with her as she bought her materials and loved watching her work in her studio, working with precious stones and metals.  I've been making my own jewelry since high school, and once my mom handed down to me some of her own tools, I started to produce more intricate and sophisticated pieces that others wanted to buy from me. After selling my creations to friends and coworkers, I wanted to reach a wider audience and decided to sell my jewelry online, starting the brand Fall For Samie, of which the name was inspired by my beloved two dogs.   

The Collection

All jewelry is made in and shipped from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Materials that inspire the designs are sourced from all over the world, sometimes with limited availability. Many pearls and gems are unique in shape and color, the irregularity of which I find sometimes the most beautiful and interesting. Many of the pieces are truly one-of-a kind. 

Fall For Samie is about new beginnings, being inspired by those I love, and bringing joy to others through my creations. 

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